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Cloudkicker - Like a Lonely Person

Previously known as Subsume Part 2, also sounds great on the live album. IMO among the best from Cloudkicker, even one of my all-time favourite tracks, all categories. Could die happy if I had written something like this.

Välkommen @blofroth ! Spännande att se om servern störtdyker pga fler än 1-2 användare - förhoppningsvis väntar den isf med det tills jag styrt upp en rutin för backuper!

This week I listened to the end of After the Revolution, a post-apocalyptic science fiction novel by Robert Evans (of excellent podcasts Behind the Bastards, It Could Happen Here, The Women’s War). Can’t wait for the sequel! Anyone who enjoys other stuff by Evans should enjoy AtR as well. Free ePub, and available as well-produced podcast as well. Check out

Hello world!

Seems like I've successfully managed to set up my own Mastodon instance. Now comes the real challenge: not immediately breaking it!

Private server for experimenting with Mastodon.